«Растратчики» - новая постановка в Театре Мюзикла

A new (second) staging, “Embezzlers”, began in the Theatre of Musical on 18 November 2012.

Money… Embezzlement… Intrigue… Love… Temptation by the money and readiness to abjure it for love’s sake… This topic has always been of importance in all times. The accountant Philipp Stepanovich and the cashier Vanechka waste public money and flee Moscow in search of good living. Their trip turn into a sequence of fatal events, into an impossible, quasi fantastic story with intriguing plot and bright satire moments.

The novel by Valentin Kataev was turned into a musical by composer Maxim Leonidov and director Alexander Shavrin (he also wrote the libretto)

SKYFOX supplied the Theatre of Musical with most up-to-date lighting, sound and video equipment.

Digidesign Venue Profile sound console are used and the amplifiers were provided by Meyer Sound:

M’elodie, MICA,700HPGalileo616UPM1PUPJ1P.

The performing artists use 34 wireless radio systems Sennheiser and miniature microphones DPA 4066F.

Video content is synchronized by means of video server Catalyst PRO and is shown by three projectors Sanyo PLC XF 47. The equipment performance is excellent.

November 2012





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